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PÉCHÉ MIGNON“guilty pleasure”.   That is what our shortbread is to our customers.  Just a little naughty, but irresistibly so.

PÉCHÉ MIGNON is the apt name of our collection of artisan baked shortbread, which is handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada in small batches, only from fine natural ingredients. Our goal is to bake memorable culinary delights that stand out in quality, taste and presentation.

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PÉCHÉ MIGNON shortbread is made with love and care by our bakers in an established commercial kitchen near Vancouver.  Our shortbread dough is made in very small batches (you won’t believe how small!) so as to ensure proper handling and thorough mixing of ingredients.  That is why our shortbread has the crispy exterior and “melt-in your-mouth” interior that are the hallmarks of a classic shortbread.

We use only natural ingredients in our products, with no additives or preservatives.  Real butter (of course!), fresh orange zest, pistachio nuts that we grind ourselves, freshly chopped rosemary are just a few examples of the ingredients in our varieties of shortbread.  We use locally-produced ingredients wherever possible or source from local suppliers.

Our commitment to the highest quality is obvious as soon as you taste any of our selection of sweet and savoury shortbread cookies (that we believe should be enjoyed all year).

We are proud to carry these delicious shortbreads, not only because they melt in your mouth and we can’t get enough of them, but also because we share similar values. Peche Mignon’s ingredients are produced locally and sourced from local suppliers.”    EDIBLE CANADA

The Most Amazing Shortbread Ever is now at Nourish Market!.”   NOURISH MARKET


Locally produced shortbread doesn’t get any better than Péché Mignon.   RICHARD WOLAK, VANCOUVER FOOD CRITIC, VANCOUVERFOODSTER.COM 

PÉCHÉ MIGNON is a division of Blended Concepts Inc., Vancouver BC, Canada.

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  1. Jericho Beach · · Reply

    Bought you shortbread from Whole Foods yesterday. Best I have eaten. Good job!

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